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Paris for connected travelers: 5 apps that will change the way you experience the City of Lights

on 28/06/2019

If you are traveling to Paris for a few days or a few weeks, you certainly want to get the best of it without wasting a minute. We have selected a few local apps that will allow you to optimize your stay while living the real Paris experience. 

And for a few extra euros, you can avoid expensive roaming charges or time wasted going from one WIFI hotspot to the other. Check out our Nomadewifi pocket hotspot to access to those really cool apps on the go.

Getting around like a Parisian with Citymapper

When in Paris, there are a few things you absolutely need to have with you: your smartphone, your Nomadewifi pocket hotspot and the Citymapper app. Much more than a GPS, it will recommend the best way to get to where you’re going taking into account traffic congestion and your preferences:

·      On foot: best route, distance, estimated time needed and calorie-count with equivalent in French delicacies: foie gras, pain au chocolat, …

·      By bike: nearest Vélib station (citywide bike rental service), distance and time with options for the quickest, quietest or normal route. You also get the calorie-count and equivalent in Pot-au-feu.

·      Public transportation: all the options with timing and cost

·      Taxi or Uber: timing and cost

 For the connected foodie: Fooding

Fooding is an app by and for the hard-core foodies. A wealth of different talents contributes to the magazine and app: chefs, culinary designers, journalists, food critics, illustrators, photographers, graphic designers… The addresses are not just good, they are beautiful, hip, trendy and new.

If you’re on a budget, check the Fooding recommendations are on the app The Fork where you can book your table online for most restaurants and get discounts.

Scenic training with a Paris running app: Runnin’City

Discover the 51 smart runs of the Runnin’City app and put on your earphones. The app will guide you through the streets and parks of Paris while telling you their story.

You can choose your run by district, length or theme. The app will also give you the weather, allergy and air pollution reports.

Paris history through art and crafts: Step by Step app by Musée Carnavalet

You won’t be able to enjoy the Carnavalet Museum of Parisian History as it is closed for renovations, but you can enjoy an open-air summarized version of it with their Step-by-Step app. 

The museum has selected around 300 paintings, sculptures, drawings, pictures, etc. to take you on a trip across Paris. Each artwork depicts a view, a building or a landmark in Paris and is plotted on the map with a short description.

Most museums and landmarks have their own apps that provide audio guides, fun activities for kids and more. Check out Le Louvre or Palace of Versailles.

When you need to go, you need the app Où sont les toilettes?

This is probably another must-have app. This won’t take you to the trendiest or hippest places of Paris, but it will certainly help you enjoy it fully. 

Dowload the app Où sont les toilettes? and make sure you find the nearest bathroom when it’s time to go, especially if you travel with children. Another reason to make sure you’re always connected thanks to the Nomadewifi pocket hotspot !

Marine NicolasParis for connected travelers: 5 apps that will change the way you experience the City of Lights