5 Money Saving Tips to Travel Cheap

on 06/02/2020

Already thinking about your next vacation ? You certainly have many ideas on where to go and  probably less on how to make it fit your budget. Saving on your travel takes a little time and effort, so let us get you started with 5 essential saving tips to travel cheap.

1 – Be flexible to find the cheapest travel tickets

Most travel search engines offer searches with flexible dates and show you the prices over a whole month. Check out on Skyscanner, Kayak or Momondo, as they are not travel agents, they are not commissioned the tickets your purchase, they are the best way to find a good deal.

If you’re not set on a destination, search everywhere : you enter the city of departure, your travel dates and the engines provides you with a list of destinations sorted by price. You’ll be surprised by the opportunities and you’ll probably end up going somewhere you never thought of visiting.

2 – Travel off season to get the best deals

If you can, travel outside of school vacations, that’s when you’ll get the best deals and avoid the crowds. If you’re traveling with kids, choose destinations that are off season. Check out the weather forecasts and you’ll see that sometimes what passes for bad weather for the masses is actually not so bad for your standards. Sometimes, avoiding the crowds is worth a few raindrops.

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3 – Stay with the locals to save on housing

A great way to enjoy authentic holidays is to stay off main street, where the locals live. For a really cheap stay, you can go couchsurfing, but if you like your privacy and independence, exchanging your house can be a good solution.

For those who’d rather rent an apartment or a hotel room, choose locations outside of the city center. It will be cheaper and you will be where the locals hang out. That’s a good opportunity to discover local customs, find a more authentic choice of shops, restaurants and bars and also lower prices.

4 – Eat like a local to save on food

In every country, people eat out and, just like you, they enjoy having a good meal, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Try to find where working people go to have lunch and you’ll be able to have a try at local cuisine for a very decent price.

If you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen, go grocery shopping in the local supermarkets, or even better, farmer’s markets. That is the best deal you’ll get to eat fresh, local and cheap !

5 – Save on your phone bill by renting a Nomade Wifi pocket hotspot

Depending on where you travel, free wifi might be difficult to access and using your own phone plan can be very expensive. With Nomade Wifi, for a low daily rate, you will enjoy an unlimited connection to the internet that’s always available, secure and stable. And you only need one for your whole party as the mobile pocket wifi hotspot can be used by 10 devices simultaneously.

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